Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Court Reporting vs. Legal Transcription

The roles of a court reporter and a legal transcriptionist are different in many ways.

Most people think that the role of a court reporter and a legal transcriptionist are the same, but in reality, they are different. The prime difference is that a court reporter transcribes real time speech whereas a legal transcriptionist transcribes recorded speech. This in itself makes a huge difference when it comes to documentation accuracy as it difficult to understand speech or a quickly spoken dialogue. The recorded speech can be replayed by a transcriptionist if clarification is needed. Nevertheless, despite these basic differences, the basic knowledge required for both of these profiles is more or less the same.

In addition to the real-time verbatim transcription of the speech in the court room, court reporters are likely to have other duties:

• Perform supplementary research for the entering records
• Real-time reporting of already recorded items
• Offering notary public services
• Administering oaths to witnesses
• Handling administrative duties prior to trial

Moreover, court reporters normally use stenotype machines and not the regular keyboards. Rather than typing out entire words letter by letter, they normally use phonetic codes which result in a good typing speed.

A legal transcribing professional will have to take on the roles of a paralegal, legal secretary, transcriptionist, and of course that of a court reporter, in multiple scenarios to meet his goals. Even though these cannot be rated as part of the required background of a legal transcription professional, having these multiple abilities helps them deliver professional, high quality legal transcription.

While a court reporter works in a court room, the legal transcriptionist could work in-house for a transcription company, law firm, government agency, or as a freelancer. There is also a similar freelancing option for the court reporters, but have to attend the particular proceeding for performing real-time transcription. Also, a legal transcriptionist transcribes only recorded interrogations, 911 calls, hearings, witness interviews, and dictation. Both transcriptionists and court reporters handle the following court proceedings

• Testimonies
• Allegations
• Depositions
• Correspondence
• Pleadings
• Contracts
• Trials
• Criminal appeals
• Statements

A proper understanding of the legal system as well as its language is a must for both of these professionals to excel in their job. A professional handling court transcription needs to have good awareness about business law, legal vocabulary, legal terminologies, procedures, legal research, in addition to good English language and grammar skills. Other requisite skills include good listening, typing speed and accuracy. In addition, awareness about innovative technologies in the field and being up-to-date with developments in the legal scenario can help both these professionals deliver their best.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Why Voice Recognition Software is not a Substitute for Manual Legal Transcription Services

Transcription services have ensured accurate and timely documentation for professionals in diverse fields such as legal, medical, corporate, academic, and more. Voice recognition software was introduced with the aim of improving efficiency, accuracy and turnaround time. However, in reality dictation software has fallen short of expectations and there are many reasons why it is not a substitute for conventional transcription service.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 for medical and legal transcription is one such software which claims accuracy levels of up to 99%. However, the claim that this software can replace the traditional mode of transcription is widely refuted. Industry experts say that traditional transcription service outsmarts voice recognition software in several areas.

Features of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Popular voice recognition software Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 claims accuracy levels of up to 99% and is said to work three times faster than typing. Here are the features of two new versions of this product:

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 10 Professional:-

• Easy to Use
• Network Ready
• Productivity for Mobile Workers
• Usable with Any Windows Program
• Streamline Complex or Repetitive Document-Creation Tasks
• Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Email, Calendar, Web Search and Desktop Search

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5:-

• Improved Correcting and Editing
• Time-Saving Voice Commands
• Getting Started with Dragon is Faster and Easier
• Enhanced Software Support
• Improved speed and accuracy
• Improved Formatting and Editing Commands

Speech Recognition Software – Limitations

When it comes to documentation in legal practice, the use of speech recognition software poses several limitations:

• In the case of an interview, there are at least two voices - that of interviewer and interviewee. The software can recognize only the voice it is trained to recognize – the interviewer’s. You can re-speak the interview by listening to the recording and speaking for both the interviewer and interviewee. But even an experienced court stenographer would find it difficult to do this without pausing. This makes it a time-consuming documentation option.
• The training of a voice recognition process is never simple and is an ongoing process which includes continuous correction, involving a lot of time and effort.
• In a legal transcription company, transcriptionists proofread as they type and the transcript also goes through multiple levels of quality assurance. With the software, the lawyer cannot proofread while re-speaking as it would involve listening to the words being spoken and continuously replaying the recording.
• The software lacks the intelligence that human professionals have. For instance, it cannot make out which homonyms to use. In simple sentences, it can probably recognize the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’ but the software still has difficulty handling complex sentences with homonyms. The result is that additional time would be needed for proofreading. 
• With the software, underlining or making a word bold is quite easy with speak out commands compared to the traditional keyboard shortcut keys. The concern is when the software fails to distinguish between the commands and general dictation. It would be necessary to leave a small pause between the command and general dictation to resolve this problem. This too slows things up compared to traditional transcription service.

If it’s just about accurate punctuation, the software can handle it alright. But legal documentation requires much more than that – it has to be error-free and delivered in fast turnaround time. For that, nothing can rival the services provided by a professional legal transcription company.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Benefits of Outsourcing Thesis Transcription

Thesis preparation that involves the conversion of dozens of recordings into printable format can be tedious and time consuming. Thesis transcription service can help.

When you are preparing your thesis, you should make sure that it has sufficient information to convince the examiner that you have done in-depth research on the subject. Apart from doing a lot of reading, you would have to collect a lot of material which would include interviews, seminars, group discussions, classroom lectures, webcast downloads, QA sessions and several other kinds of interactions and more and analyze your findings to reach your conclusions. But that’s easier said than done.  In fact, many studies list difficult data related processes as one of the hindering factors in thesis preparation. Converting all your audio and video recordings into text format can be tedious and time consuming. Outsourcing your thesis transcription tasks can help.

Professional Thesis Transcription Service for Error-free Documentation

Suppose the have digital recordings that would take you about 50 hours to transcribe and that your deadline require you to transcribe at least 4-5 recordings a day. With a busy schedule that would be very difficult to handle. Opting for the thesis transcription service offered by a professional transcription firm can provide the solution.  

Whether your recordings are in analog format or in digital formats such as mp3, wma, mov, mpeg, wav, and so on, a professional transcription service provider would be able to transcribe them.  They can also provide your transcripts in any format you want - MS Word, PDF, HTML, and more.  They would also comply with specific requests such as time code insertion on request, verbatim and non-verbatim transcripts, and more.

Guaranteed Security and Confidentiality

The transcription companies facilitate several security measures to maintain the confidentiality of your data. In addition to password-protected storage for your files, they would ensure the safe sending of files over the Internet with options such as secure e-mail, FTP upload, and encrypted browser-based transfer.

Stringent Quality Assurance Measures

A well qualified and trained team would be assigned to your project to ensure error-free results. Reliable companies have a three-level quality check in place with editors and proofreaders checking every detail before delivery.

Quick Turnaround Time

As reliable firms assign a separate team for every project, you can get your work done in time to meet your deadlines without any difficulty. This would leave you with enough time for all your other work.  With a document flow management system for end-to-end data tracking would ensure that your files are not lost or misplaced.  Regardless of the specified turnaround time, you can expect excellent and timely results. 

Affordable Pricing

Make sure that you find thesis transcription service that comes at affordable rates. Reliable transcription companies do not charge for bolding, underlining, headers or footers and have special rates for students. With the right service provider as your partner, you can be sure of accurate, quality transcripts to complete your thesis before the deadline.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Why Outsource Technical Transcription?

Technical transcription process converts audio or video recordings consist of technological terms and concepts into textual format. This article explains why should outsource technical transcription jobs.

Technical transcription involves converting recordings of technological negotiations, presentations, lectures, training sessions, interviews, symposiums and more into text format. These transcripts are useful for the business, research and promotional activities in industries and sectors as communications, market research, advertising, medical marketing research, aeronautical engineering, and information technology (IT). This type of transcription is different from other types due to its technical nature. That’s why most businesses now prefer to opt for the technical transcription service offered by a professional transcription company. Let’s look at the many advantages of outsourcing technical transcription.

Quality Transcription

Accuracy is crucial for technical transcripts as they are used for business, research and promotional purposes. The content of technical discussions and other events relating to technical matters are usually full of industry-specific technical terminology and can be quite specialized. This means that transcription can be done only by professionals who are knowledgeable about these matters. Hiring a team and setting up the infrastructure to do this in-house can prove quite expensive. In such a scenario, the best option is to outsource the task. An established transcription company would have a team of skilled transcriptionists who quickly familiarize themselves with each client’s technical terminology and jargon so that they can provide accurate transcripts. With stringent quality checks in place, a professional service provider can deliver error-free technical transcripts in the specified format.

Secure and Flexible Options for File Transfer

Security is important when you send out your technical audio and video recordings for transcription. Only a professional transcription company can ensure this with various measures to ensure file confidentiality during transfer and secure file handling.  These include:

• 256 bit AES encryption
• Browser-based, FTP or e-mail file transfer
• Password-protected computers and other security measures in the workplace
• Transcription Management Software
• Document flow management to track data

Customized Solutions

Technical transcription requirements may differ from firm to firm. For example, if your company is an audience measurement research firm which collects and markets television ratings, then the transcription work may relate to television programs. Time stamping is critical for this kind of documentation. The need could be for frequency of time coding, audio time code style or subjective time stamping. Professional transcription companies can easily handle such requirements and can provide customized technical transcription service to meet varying needs.

Prompt Delivery of Transcripts

If there are tight deadlines for your business project, it is very important to get timely transcripts. A reliable service provider would assign a team to each client’s project so that the transcripts can be delivered in the specified turnaround time.


Outsourcing transcription comes with definite cost advantages. In addition to the saving infrastructure costs, equipment set up and maintenance costs, hiring costs and training costs, you enjoy affordably priced technical transcription service. US based transcription companies get the work done in offshore locations such as India and the Philippines where it is possible to get the best talent at much lower costs. This allows these firms to provide their clients with transcription services at affordable rates that are up to 40% lower than the existing market rates.  

Article Source: Legal Transcription Services

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Transcription of Legal Proceedings

Legal transcription services are offered for a wide range of legal proceedings. Reputable legal transcription company provides accurate and client-specific transcription solutions. 

Legal proceedings, some of which are secretly recorded, play an important role in criminal trials. These proceedings are digitally recorded and need to be transcribed. However, there are many challenges associated with transcribing these recordings. Many people may be speaking at the same time. Background noises, regional or national idioms, jargon, and other factors make it difficult to understand what was said. So the transcription of these proceedings should be done carefully by eliminating these unwanted noises. In fact, the value of the recording as evidence largely depends upon on the accuracy of the transcript distributed to the jury. This is where professional support for the transcription of legal proceedings comes in useful.

Legal transcription services are available for the documentation of different kinds of legal proceedings namely court proceedings, legal pleadings, arbitrations, meetings, interrogations, memorandums, legal letters and reports, law office recordings, briefs, minutes of seminars and conferences, bankruptcy court proceedings, judgments, impeachments, hearings and more in to specific text format.

Need for Outsourcing Legal Proceedings Transcription

• Accurate and timely transcripts
• More time to focus on core activities
• Reduced transcription backlog
• In-house transcription can be expensive and time consuming
• Documents transcribed by professionals well-versed in legal terminology and various procedures
• Transcripts in client-specific format

Choose a Reliable Legal Transcription Company

It is important to outsource the transcription of legal proceedings to a reliable service provider. An professional legal transcription company will handle the transcripts with the necessary level of confidentiality, which is very important in the case of legal trials.  Audio files of dictation can be sent in various formats such as digital, tape, mp3, mp4, wav, DVD, DSS, audio CD, and cassettes.  Reputable transcription firms incorporate safety measures such as 256 bit AES encryption to ensure maximum security for all legal data given for transcription.

Partnering with an expert service provider ensures top quality results. Once an audio file is submitted for transcription, it is accurately documented in accordance to client requirements. All audio files go through 3 levels of quality checks to ensure 99% accuracy. The quality checks are done by proof readers, quality analysts or editors and are directly send to the clients within the specified deadline. Utilizing latest software technology mechanisms, the service providers deliver high volume transcripts within the specified deadline. Other benefits of legal proceedings outsourcing are –

• 24/7 customer service
• Cost savings of 30 - 40% below operational costs
• File transfer through browser, FTP or e-mail
• Effective document flow management
• Easy retrieval of information
• Customized turnaround time

A professional legal transcription company would also offer prospective clients a free trial to help them analyze the service quality before they sign up.

Article Source: Legal Transcription Services

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Research Transcription Services

Research transcription services can help researchers to transcribe recorded audio or video of focus group discussions and interviews. The important thing is to find a reliable service provider.

Researchers or students need transcriptions of in-class conversations, focus group discussions, one-to-one interviews, oral history interviews, symposia, presentations and various other types of interactions to prepare reference materials for their research work and future use. The key insights extracted from those transcripts form the basis of their research. For example, if you are going to analyze recent social media marketing trends, your research will be based on the key points that you get from Facebook, Twitter or other social media users. The research transcripts should be accurate and reliable.

It is difficult for researchers or students to concentrate fully on research transcription and generate accurate transcripts as they need to utilize their limited time for other important research works. Here comes the relevance of research transcription services, which will take up audio or video files of interactions in any formats (mp3, wma, wav, mpeg, mov and more) and convert them to hard copy transcripts for researchers and students.

Transcription Services for Research Students – Major Features

Services within Minimum Turnaround Time: A transcription company has the latest advanced equipment and trained transcription professionals to provide flawless transcripts in minimum turnaround time.

Excellent Handling of Transcription Challenges: Interviews and discussions regarding a research topic may contain local dialects, acronyms, idioms and field-specific terms. It is very important to transcribe them accurately. Professional transcriptionists are knowledgeable in these aspects and ensure accurate transcription.

Ensures Data Confidentiality: Several security measures are provided by reliable transcription services to maintain data confidentiality such as secure file transfer, shredding unused confidential data, using password-protected and anti-virus installed computers and more.

Affordable Services: The price for a transcription service is determined by the required turnaround time, length of interactions, audio quality and the number of speakers. It is affordable when compared to the cost of hiring in-house transcribers and providing suitable facilities for them. Certain transcription companies offer special rates for research departments, students and university research projects.

In addition, they can handle challenges such as regional accents and multiple voices in the audio files. They also provide customized solutions such as client-specific transcription layout.

Why Choose Reliable Research Transcription Services

Reliable transcription service providers offer the following benefits in addition to providing accurate and affordable transcripts.

• FTP and browser-based file transfer
• Three levels of quality assurance by transcriptionists, proofreaders and quality analysts
• Electronic signature
• Transcription management software for easy document retrieval
• Flexible turnaround time
• Competitive pricing

Only a reliable research transcription service can provide accurate and timely transcripts which would enable researchers and students to carry out smooth and speedy research activities. It is best to approach a transcription company that offers a free trial so that the quality of research transcription services can be checked out.

Article Source: https://exploreb2b.com/articles/research-transcription-services

Friday, January 17, 2014

Choosing Reliable Digital Transcription Services

Digital transcription services are a good option for businesses that require prompt and accurate transcription of audio and video files; ensure that it is got from a reliable transcription company.

Digital transcription services are a great support to the medical, legal, media and educational sectors among others. There are a number of companies that provide these services. Normally these companies provide Digital audio and video files conversion or transcription to any desired format. Group discussions and interviews, meetings, conferences, webinars and seminars can be transcribed according to individual requirements. Though the service has become virtually indispensable in today’s business environment, choosing a professional and reliable digital transcription company is a difficult task.

These services are mainly seen provided for physicians, hospitals, financial firms, publically traded companies and so on. Unless you have a very small volume or a dedicated transcriptionist in-house it is beneficial to hire  a company that provide professional digital transcription services. Let us consider the advantages of using such a company

• (This is not an advantage) A good company normally will have transcriptionists with experience in your area of business. Their QA department and support department should understand terminology that is prevalent in your vertical.
• Dependable companies provide accurate digital transcription services. An efficient company can provide 99 percent accuracy. Each transcript passes through the hands of various experienced proofreaders and editors giving you a better output.
• Turnaround time is quick and can be customized according to the need of the client.
• Confidentiality and security are guaranteed.
• Convenient dictation options such as dedicated toll free number and digital recorder.
• Facility of electronic signatures is also available.
• Good customer support and technical assistance is important.
• Transfer of files through FTP is secure.
• Encrypted protocols for transfer of files.
• Service can include exhaustive management of document flow.
• Transcripts comply with standard US Spelling methodologies.
• Staff recruited to serve each business house. The customer can request the same team to do all his or her projects.
• Hopefully they will have the ability to keep the cost down as their primary focus would be to provide excellent digital transcription service.

How to Choose a Suitable Service Provider

Most reputable digital transcription companies provide a free trial of their services. This is the best way to get a firsthand experience of their services. The free trial will help you evaluate factors such as the turnaround time and accuracy, which are very important. You can also find out about the outsourcing company’s infrastructure, skill and professionalism of the staff to provide the required assistance, and promptness and commitment of the staff towards customer service. Also, to check the credibility and reliability of the company, it is advisable to obtain feedback from its existing customers.

Usually, the staff recruited by reputable companies is well-trained and experienced. They are also provided frequent trainings as and when required. A recognized company uses state-of-the-art technology, updated software and the latest dictation equipment to provide the best quality documents for their clients.

Digital transcription services are thus a good option for businesses; ensure that it is obtained from an established transcription company.

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