Sunday, October 21, 2012

Business Transcription Support – Highly Beneficial for Companies

Business transcription support is highly beneficial for companies to get business communications transcribed efficiently and quickly. Thus if you outsource to a reliable business process outsourcing firm, you can expect press meets, business meetings, press conferences, tele seminars, focus group meetings, business calls, lectures, speeches, annual board meetings, interviews, webinars, roundtable discussions, shareholder meetings, sales meetings, market research surveys, tanning seminars, group discussions and other communications to be transcribed efficiently with 99 percent accuracy. The completed transcripts would be delivered to you on time too.


The files that have to be transcribed can be sent by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or through secure 256 bit AES encryption. After the service provider receives the files, they are downloaded and assigned to the members of a competent transcription team. Once the transcription is over, the files are put through a three-tiered process of quality auditing to achieve the required 99 percent accuracy. After this process is over, the completed work is sent to you in a secure and reliable manner.

Business Transcription Services– Other Benefits

These services are associated with many other benefits, whatever your core industry may be:

Flexibility - Information received from any of a variety of sources can be transcribed – VHS, micro cassettes, MP3, WAV, DSS, VOX, DAT and more.

Efficient and Tailored Document Flow Management System – The system can be made to accommodate all hardware or software requirements. The interface is customizable and you can alter dictations or transcripts at any time even while the transcription is in progress. You would be able to browse the archives and recover older files (according to the nature of the contractual agreements). Security compliant logs are made of all activities. Messages can be instantly transmitted to the site administrator or transcription administrator.

Cost-effective – The services are competitively priced and using them, it is possible to achieve savings in the range of 30 to 40 percent. The savings are possible because you don’t have to spend money on hiring new staff for the purpose of transcribing your data. You also don’t have to spend money for software, IT infrastructure and training for the new staff. All these expenses would be the concern of the business transcription service provider.

Workload Reduced – With your workload reduced, you can devote more of your time and effort to your chief business activities.

Custom Turnaround – The company would be able to meet even STAT and immediate turnaround requirements.

Security and Privacy – Whatever information you share with the company is kept strictly confidential. The security of the information is ensured during data transfer.

When trying to choose from different providers of business transcription support for companies, consider factors such as quality control, pricing, turnaround and reputation. Try to get hold of references too.

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