Sunday, December 30, 2012

Court Proceedings Transcription - Get Customized Solutions

With the increase in demand for court proceedings transcription, there has been an equally rapid growth in the number of legal transcription companies offering these services. Various types of proceedings take place in a court and it is therefore important for legal firms and court reporters to outsource their transcription to a company that offers customized solutions.

Customized Court Transcripts

A competent legal transcription company would provide custom court transcripts for arbitrations, court hearings, briefs, pleadings, meetings, depositions, bankruptcy court proceedings, civil and criminal court proceedings, and court-related events. The team of professional and experienced transcriptionists in a reputable firm would have exceptional capabilities to ensure accurate and timely court proceedings transcription:

• Ability to transcribe from any type of analogue or digital audio file
• Ability to deliver accurate transcripts to meet the most demanding deadlines
• Provide verbatim transcripts or summaries, as the need may be
• Provide accurate court transcripts in the required format

The customizable interface of the company’s document flow management system allows customers to continuously monitor the progress of the transcription, put forward final changes, alter files and even search and retrieve earlier transcribed work.

Customization also extends to the transcription techniques and the turnaround time. Turnaround time usually ranges between 12 and 24 hours, though it can be personalized to suit your specifications.

Equipped with advanced technology and a trained and knowledgeable workforce, the legal transcription company can serve the specific requirements of court reporters, legal firms, attorneys, public prosecutors, legal departments of large corporations, non-governmental organizations, state and federal agencies and other legal entities. Top-level transcript accuracy is ensured through proofreaders, editors, quality analysts and legal experts.

Features of customized court proceedings transcription

• Flexible dictation options – digital dictation machines and toll-free number
• Support for two modes of file transfer – FTP or File Transfer Protocol and browser based transfer.
• Both digital and non-digital formats of audio recordings accepted for court transcription
• Advanced technology used to adjust speed and pitch for better accuracy standards.
• Choice of domestic or international transcription
• Documents can be made to suit any word processing software, or converted to HTML, XML or other formats for electronic processing 
• Customized turnaround time
• 3 tiered quality assurance 
• Advanced security compliance measures
• Advanced document management system
• Competitive pricing
• 24/7/365 technical support

Customized court proceedings transcription services ensure efficiency and help legal entities save time and money.

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