Sunday, December 9, 2012

Professional Conference Call Transcription Services

Conference calls are an important part of today's business world. The increase in popularity of conference calls has led to the emergence of a niche business sector of conference call transcription services. Conference call transcription is essential when you want a written copy of the valuable communications you have made. The services are highly beneficial to legal firms, medical professionals, financial instructions, students, universities and corporate organizations.

The conferences are recorded so that participants can have the audio files to refer back to after the meeting. A lot of companies now prefer to have the conference calls transcribed so that they can be printed out and used for meeting notes and minutes or for inclusion in company bulletins and newsletters.  Conference calls allow you to cut down travel costs and let you to stay in touch with remote parties both internally and outside the company.

Conference call transcription services are provided for project meetings, training sessions, customer-client discussions, regular team meetings, sales presentations, board meetings, corporate meetings, drug study trials, strategic planning sessions, surveys and market research, trade shows, earning calls, conference calls between attorney and client, research interviews, seminars, presentations, focus group discussions, lectures, corporate meetings and many more. Conferences are also used along with web conferencing where documents and presentations are easily shared through the internet. Transcription services include:

• Audio Conference transcription
• Video Conference transcription
• Web Conference transcription
• Conference Recording
• Conference Archiving

Nowadays, there are professional transcription companies that can provide high-quality and accurate transcription for conference calls. Their transcription solutions enable those who missed out or did not get the chance to attend any of the sessions to gain access to the information required. The professionals at the transcription firms have special expertise in transcribing the audio and video contents of all conferences. Transcriptionists are trained to work with numerous audio and recording formats such as digital, DVD, MP3, MP4, Audio CD, WAV, Tape Cassette and DSS and maintain 98% accuracy.

Conference Call Transcription Process

Once your audio files are submitted, they are transcribed, proofread and sent to you in the format of your choice. All transcribed files undergo 3 levels of quality checking with the support of editors and proofreaders so as to provide 99% accuracy. Files are transferred through secure FTP or browser based 256 bit encryption system.

On hiring a professional transcription company for your conference call transcription needs, you are ensured

• access to a team of experienced transcriptionists who have expertise in accurately transcribing your audio files
• guaranteed, precise and excellent transcripts in the format of your choice
• quick turnaround time with strict adherence to deadlines
• quality services at a cost-effective price
• complete data security and confidentiality of transcripts
• round-the-clock services

In addition, you can save on three critical components such as cost, time and effort, resulting in enhanced productivity and better profitability for your business.

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