Sunday, January 20, 2013

Selecting the Right Company for Your Court Proceedings Transcription Needs

Selecting the right court proceedings transcription service provider for your legal practice or court reporting business is important as it will have a significant impact on the running of your law firm. If you are looking for a legal transcription service provider, you have to be discerning enough to make the right choice.

Accuracy is Paramount

Accuracy is paramount as even a single error can affect the outcome of a trial. A professional legal transcription company would deliver quality transcripts for all types of court proceedings such as arbitrations, civil and criminal trials, briefs, meetings, motions, pleadings, public hearings, witness reports, and other proceedings.

Hire a legal transcription company which offers transcription services that would ideally meet your transcription needs and budget specifications. When choosing a service provider, make sure that you are ensured of high quality court proceedings transcription solutions. This is possible if the service provider has a team of trained, professional and experienced transcriptionists with the following qualities:

• Thorough knowledge of terminology related to administrative law, agency, civil litigation (pretrial, trial and appeal), commercial law, constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, family law, insurance, intellectual property, legal ethics and other subjects relevant to court proceedings and general legal terminology
• Good English language skills
• Excellent listening skills

The team should also comprise quality analysts, proofreaders and editors. This can ensure accuracy levels of up to even 99 percent.

Other Points to Consider To Choose Court Proceedings Transcription Services

Experience: Enquire how long the service provider has been in the business of transcribing court proceedings. Can they provide client testimonials on request? This will help you get a good idea about the quality of the transcription services offered.

Security: It’s crucial that all your data is handled in the most confidential manner. So make sure that the legal transcription company has secure methods of file transfer and storage.

Turnaround time: Check the guaranteed turnaround time.  Choose a firm that offers a turnaround time that works for you rather than the shortest turnaround time at the lowest price.

Cost: You hire transcription services to save on the costs of in-house transcription. The service provider should be able to offer services that ensure cost savings of at least 30-40 percent.

Make a list of potential court proceedings transcription service providers that can meet your requirements for accuracy, security and turnaround time. Compare and evaluate these services. Established service providers offer a free trial service - take advantage of this to select the right company for your court proceedings transcription.

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