Sunday, January 27, 2013

What You Need to Know about General Transcription

You may be looking for transcription of your audio files from sources such as interviews, seminars, corporate earnings report, conference calls, podcasts, oral histories, focus groups and more. Whatever your audio source file may be, transcription firms providing general transcription services can be helpful.

General transcription can include any area of focus, excluding medical and legal, where audio or video recordings need to be converted into text. This process is carried out by typing data simultaneously when listening to the audio/video files. The files to be transcribed can be in any format.

Types of General Transcription:
• Academic or Lecture Transcription: This transcription applies to lectures or presentations covering seminars, speeches, lectures, interviews, notes, press releases, conference proceedings, symposia and power point presentations.
• Business Transcription: It provides you a business transcription solution for technical discussions, webcasts, symposiums, telephonic conversations, lectures, training sessions, presentations, meetings, interviews, webinars, business and technological negotiations, and more.
• Focus Group Transcription: This type is specifically for focus groups, and these groups generally consist of more than three or four speakers.
• Media Production Transcription: Media production transcription for podcasts, video-casts and radio talk shows for posting on websites, interviews, radio broadcasts, sermons, television, documentary films, and more. Usually podcast is used by smaller companies to help build their businesses.
• Interview Transcription: Interview transcription can fall under any of the other categories as it deals with any type of interview between two or more people.
• Text-to-Text Transcription: This involves the transcription of handwritten, faxed or PDF text material into editable MS Word documents.

An Overview of a Transcription Company

With globalization drawing the world together and businesses extending their reach on a global level, a number of outsourcing companies now offer general transcription service. Reputable transcription companies provide transcription with the help of expert transcriptionists and utilizing the latest technology and modern tools ensuring accurate and time bound services for you. They focus on providing affordable services that meet your budget. Your advantage is the high quality output you receive within the required turnaround time.

Some benefits you are assured by a transcription company are:

• Simplifies your daily business operation
• Security and maintenance for your valuable data
• Reduces business risk
• Reduces the infrastructure investment

Apart from the above, there are other tangible benefits a transcription company can offer you. These include:

• Convenient dictation options such as toll free number and digital recorder
• Customized document management systems
• State-of-the-art, secure computer systems
• Cost savings up to 30% to 40%
• 99% accuracy
• Excellent QA measures
• Customized TAT, including immediate

Based on your actual requirements, select a suitable transcription company providing general transcription services as your partner and achieve your business objectives.

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