Sunday, February 24, 2013

Court Proceedings Transcription Ensures Maximum Benefits

Court proceedings transcription is very important for legal settings. Legal professionals require transcripts of a wide variety of court proceedings such as hearings, arbitrations, briefs, depositions, meetings, bankruptcy court proceedings, pleadings and criminal trials. Court proceedings require a lot of time for preparation. Busy legal entities and paralegals cannot afford to spend too much time on transcribing these proceedings as they have other important tasks to perform. The solution lies in outsourcing this time consuming and error-prone work to reliable legal transcription companies. An experienced service provider can ensure accurate court transcripts from written or spoken court records.

Court Proceedings Transcription Service Is Available For

• Arbitrations
• Attorney’s interviews
• Briefs
• City council meetings
• Claims
• Confidential documents
• Deposition summaries
• Focus group meetings
• Hearings
• Investigations
• Letters
• Medical board hearings
• Meetings
• Motions
• Pleadings
• Police reports
• Public hearings
• Recorded telephone conversations
• Trials
• Witness reports
• 341(a) hearings
• Other proceedings

The Many Benefits of Outsourcing

• Accuracy: Accuracy is very important in the transcription of court proceedings. A single word or phrase wrongly interpreted may cause serious problems as it can even change the outcome of the case. Outsourcing to a legal transcription company will ensure you highly quality work with no errors.

• Well-trained work force: Professional legal transcription companies have experienced professionals to do court proceeding transcription. Their team of legal transcriptionists is well versed in legal terminologies and can deliver your work in the required format.

• Minimum turnaround time: The ideal service provider can send the completed court transcripts to you within the specified time limit.

• Security and confidentiality: A reliable transcription company would handle all documents and transcripts with utmost care; stringent measures are implemented to protecting confidential legal data.

• Methods of dictation: Leading transcription companies offer various options for dictation such as digital records and toll free numbers to suit the convenience of their clients.

• Competitive pricing: By outsourcing court transcription you can save costs up to 40%.

• Capability to work on a wide range of file formats: Documents can be transcribed into any format including HTML, XML or other electronic formats to allow access into management information system.

• 24/7/365 customer service: A reliable service provider would ensure round the clock client support.

It is advisable to find a legal transcription company that can provide professional court proceedings transcription services in quick turnaround time. To ensure high levels of accuracy, reliable service providers have their QA team assure the quality of work with stringent quality checks. Choosing a firm that can provide you with value added services for all kinds of litigation is highly recommended as this would ensure that you have ample time for your core tasks.  

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