Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What is Court Proceedings Transcription?

Court proceedings transcription service is offered for court reporters and other legal professionals. It involves producing timely transcripts of court proceedings such as verbatim reports of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings and other events. These documents will provide a complete view of what took place inside a courtroom, accurately and truthfully, from an unbiased party. In a judicial setting, appeals may depend on court transcripts. Therefore, accuracy is crucial. 

The court proceedings are either dictated or digitally recorded by the court transcriber or court reporter, a skilled and trained professional. Recordings would contain everything that is said by the judges, attorneys, witnesses, and other related parties, including gestures and emotional reactions. Whatever is recorded is considered fact and used by the judges and lawyers while going over cases after a trial or hearing takes place.

Accuracy in Court Proceedings Transcription

Experts in legal transcription are well-versed in terminology used in court proceedings as well as general legal terminology. They would have the ability to transcribe any type of diction, accent, and so on.

Accuracy is very important when transcribing court proceedings, as accuracy is the key to legal appeals. A single word or phrase that is incorrectly recorded can determine the outcome of the trial. Court reporters and attorneys therefore depend on professional legal transcription firms to obtain accurate documentation of court proceedings. With the accurate court transcripts offered by dedicated firms, court reporters and other legal professionals have their work simplified, and can save time and resources.

Features of court proceedings transcription services
Outsourcing to reliable legal transcription company would offer many privileges:

• Flexible dictation options – digital dictation machines and toll-free number
• Support for two modes of file transfer – FTP or File Transfer Protocol and browser based transfer.
• Both digital and non-digital formats of audio recordings accepted for court transcription
• Advanced technology used to adjust speed and pitch for better accuracy standards.
• Choice of domestic or international transcription
• Documents can be made to suit any word processing software, or converted to HTML, XML or other formats for electronic processing 
• Customized solutions and turnaround time
• 3 tiered quality assurance protocol
• Advanced security compliance measures
• Advanced document management system
• Competitive pricing
• 24/7/365 technical support

To enjoy all these benefits, it’s important to do some research and locate the right legal transcription company.  With effective court proceedings transcription services, court reporters and other legal professionals can improve their efficiency, and save time and money.

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