Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why You Should Choose a Professional Legal Transcription Company

Legal transcription involves the preparation of legal documents from audio or video files of legal proceedings and activities. There are many firms offering legal transcription services to help legal professionals manage their documentation. However, outsourcing to the right firm is important to ensure quality results, and save time and money. Only a professional service provider can offer the desired outcome. Here are some of the important reasons why they should choose a professional legal transcription company.

Experts work for you - A professional legal transcription company would provide you with a trained, expert team for your project. This team of experts would have vast experience with transcribing various types of legal files relating to correspondence, hearings, depositions, pleadings, court proceedings, reports, wire tap, minutes of seminars, conference calls, and more. This would ensure accurate transcripts in time to meet your needs.

Accuracy: Accuracy is paramount for legal transcription. A professional firm would have stringent, multi-level quality checks in place to ensure accuracy levels of up to 99 percent.

Reduction in Cost: This is one of the top reasons why you should hire the services of established legal transcription companies. As they have many clients, you would benefit by reaping economies of scale. Well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure, hardware and software, a professional service provider can offer you solutions at cost-effective rates. Outsourcing allows you to reap the advantages of new technologies, tools and methods. Moreover, many of these firms get the transcription done in countries where labor cost is much lower, allowing them to offer you transcription at very affordable prices. So outsourcing your legal transcription becomes a much more practical solution than performing the job within your legal practice.

Time saving: Legal transcription outsourcing helps you to save valuable time and focus on your core legal tasks. It frees up your staff for more important work. There is an overall increase in productivity and efficiency.

Customized services: Legal transcription services are customized to suit client requirements. You can choose your mode of dictation – via toll-free telephone or digital recorder. There are several file transfer options available such as secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol), encrypted browser-based transfer, or secure e-mail. The transcribed files are returned to you in the format of your choice. TAT (turnaround) time is also customized to suit your requirements. The confidentiality of your legal documents are also ensured.    

With all these outstanding advantages, legal transcription outsourcing has been norm. The key factor lies in choosing the right service provider. Do your research online, shortlist a few companies, and study their offerings before you make your decision. Go in for a free trial if one is offered.  This will help you gauge the extent to which the company can meet your specific requirements.

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