Sunday, March 17, 2013

Affordable Digital Transcription Solutions by Proficient Transcription Companies

Digital transcription is fast replacing conventional modes of documentation. It is of great use for lawyers, business professionals, students, universities, medical firms. It enables them to get a perfect hard copy at hand of the important conferences, meetings, lectures, discussions and meetings. This mode of transcription is a nice user-friendly way to convert important conversation or interview in text format. Attorneys and other legal personnel cannot afford to waste their precious time attending to the mundane labor of transcription and documentation. Their time could be better spent on constructive legal services. Nor is it economically viable to hire transcription specialists and the infrastructure to get the job done. So it is a clever idea to outsource the job to some befitting transcription company. There are so many proficient transcription companies offering affordable digital transcription solutions.

What Services do Digital Transcription Companies Give you?

Digital transcription services offered by prominent transcription firms are beneficial for legal, business, academic and media professionals. Here is a list of major areas covered:

• Court hearings
• Depositions
• Legal pleadings
• Business meetings
• Project meetings
• Personal interviews
• Seminars
• TV serial recordings
• Academic videos

Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Transcription Services

You get several benefits from outsourcing these transcription tasks:

• Professional expertise: Legal business is not everyone’s meat! Digital conversion of legal records requires much in-depth knowledge in law, legal terminology, and procedures. Experience counts most. Only professional staffs well-trained in a wide variety of legal topics are qualified to do legal transcription.

• Accuracy and quality: Professional transcription firms doing digital service in transcription always check the accuracy of digital transcripts. They deliver 99 percent accuracy for the transcribed files. These firms usually do three levels of quality checks by experts.

• Safe delivery of transcripts: Professional transcription firms insist on safe file transfer using FTP and browser based 256 bit encryption protocol. These companies are equipped with transcription software’s allowing the transcriber to access voice file. The digital transcripts are then sent by email using secure FTP.

• Round the clock customer service: Most transcription firms offer 24/7/365 customer service to their clients.

• File format support:  Professional firms would support any file format for transcribing such as MP3, DSS, MP4, WAV, and video formats like MPEG-2, DAT, MOV, SWF and many more.

• Affordability: Outsourcing to a fully professional service provider adds to the affordability of your job. They can even bring you a 30 to 40 percent costs saving.

Find the Right Service Provider
Choosing the right service provider is of paramount importance. Research the web for comparative rates, professional excellences, experience standing, and technological competence of various companies before clinching your deal.

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