Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Role of Software and Technology in Online Transcription

Software and technology have an important role to play in online transcription for the legal industry as well as other industries for which transcription is essential. As the transcription industry becomes more and more competitive, transcriptionists have to complete projects quickly and in an error-free manner. Advancements in technology have given birth to innovative software and IT equipment that is greatly beneficial for both small scale and large scale transcription.

Useful for All Aspects of Web-based Legal Transcription

From the time of dictation to the time of delivery of the completed transcripts of the dictations, different kinds of software and technology are utilized. This is the case, whatever be the type of legal transcription service requested by the client – whether for annual general meetings, client letters, law office recordings, court transcripts, wire taps, trial, presentations, memorandums, briefs or any other kind of online transcription requirement.

Dictation - Dictations are accepted via digital dictation machine or toll-free number. With regard to the former, legal experts can dictate the matter on a digital recorder. The dictations are downloaded to a local computer linked to the internet. The files are then transmitted over the internet to the service provider’s secure server from where their transcriptionists download the files.

Legal experts can also make use of a telephone for dictation. The dedicated toll-free numbers provide for direct dictation to the secure servers. Following this process, transcriptionists sign into the servers to perform the online transcription and produce the completed transcripts.

Clarity - The following kinds of software are utilized to improve the clarity of the transcripts.

• Webster’s Dictionary and Stedman’s Spell Check
• Word Perfect 9 and Microsoft Word of MS Office 2000 and 97/98. Media/sound players and converters such as DVIPS, MSV, DVF, PC Dart PlayAll, DSS, ICS, WinAmp and Windows Media Player are also used.

Advanced technology is also used for the transfer of dictations and completed transcriptions. The two methods of file transfer popularly adopted are browser-based and FTP. In the former, all files are transferred via a secure upload and download system. All files are transmitted by way of a webpage as easily as sending an email.

FTP creates a link between the company’s server and the client’s computer and transfers the file between them. The company would provide the client with the software and training required for that.

Advantages Offered by Advanced Technology

Technological advancements bring many benefits for legal entities. These include:

• Helps legal entities alter dictations even in the course of online transcription
• Document and audio file archives
• Makes it possible to go through archives and recover older files (on the basis of contractual agreements)
• Reports on transcripts that reveal the progress of each file
• Customizable interface provides the feel and appearance of the law firm
• Security compliant logs of all activities
• Enables downloading of all transcripts and also the ability to fax or email them to any recipient
• Can specify and analyze turnaround requirements
• Immediate message transmission to the site or transcription administrator
• May be integrated to accommodate all hardware and software requirements

Thus, the role of software and technology in online transcription is significant and will continue to be so for years to come.

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