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Online Audio Transcription Services to Document Digital Recordings

Audio transcription involves converting audio or video speech into plain text. Legal professionals may need audio transcription of insurance investigations, interviews, medical reports, podcasts, focus groups, court proceedings, university lectures and research, videos, webinars, conferences and more. Audio transcription is not mere typing; it involves in-depth understanding of complex terminology and various accents and accurate transcription of the audio recordings. Legal entities can utilize professional online audio transcription services provided by legal process outsourcing companies in the U.S and benefit from accurate and timely transcripts of important audio and video recordings.

Performing the transcription in-house can be expensive because you have to incur the costs related to purchasing and maintaining transcription equipment, and paying salaries to staff recruited for conducting transcription tasks. Outsourcing transcription tasks is a cost-effective option for legal professionals and it also helps save valuable time, which they can devote to their core legal activities. Furthermore, documentation backlogs can be avoided through outsourcing audio transcription requirements.

Online Audio Transcription Services – Some Facts

Accurate, high quality online transcription services provided by a reputable and experienced outsourcing company is a great option for busy legal practices. To offer value-added transcription services, an established legal transcription company will have a dedicated team of transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and QA specialists. The files you want to transcribe can be uploaded to the service provider’s website in any audio format. For the transcription process to be completed on time, they utilize the latest technology available. With a dedicated legal transcription firm to assist you, your audio transcription process will be streamlined enabling you to work in a highly efficient manner, whether locally or globally.

If you want transcripts of your dictations, most of the transcription companies offer toll free number and digital dictation machines for convenient dictation. To allow you to conduct online reviews and editing, they provide efficient document management systems.

Benefits You Can Reap through Outsourcing

Outsourcing your online audio transcription requirements brings the following benefits:

• Transcription service available for all major legal areas
• Quick turnaround time
• Security and confidentiality
• Electronic signatures
• Accuracy level of 99%
• 3 levels of quality assurance
• Competitive pricing 30 to 40% below operational costs

You can utilize the FREE TRIAL offer provided by reputable legal transcription companies that will help to evaluate their service quality. In addition, you can also get a clear idea of their turnaround time, and how sensitive they are to customer requirements.

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