Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Focus Group Transcription Services

As the director of research at a non-profit consultancy in Boston, Jack Russell considers focus groups highly significant from the point of view of researching customer attitudes and requirements. He conducts focus group interviews periodically to obtain public perceptions of his organization, and customer requirements. To Jack, the money spent in conducting focus groups is well spent. He wants to maintain accurate transcripts of the video and audio files of the focus group behavior so that he could have the details he wanted easily without having to watch or listen to the clippings again. The best alternative he has is focus group transcription services provided by a reliable transcription company.

What Focus Group Transcription Involves

The audio and video recordings of focus group interviews are transcribed into accurate transcripts that capture all the details of the session. The transcription is provided by professional transcriptionists who perform intelligent verbatim transcription. The recordings are accepted as analogue cassettes and digital files. Focus group transcription is often made difficult by participants talking together at times. The sound quality may suffer due to background sounds such as people moving around, shuffling of paper, coughing and other noises. However, these issues are efficiently handled by trained transcriptionists who are experienced in this area and take the maximum care when preparing the transcripts. The transcription is provided in keeping with client specifications, ensuring high standards of accuracy and presentation.

Entities That Can Benefit from Focus Group Transcription services

Apart from non-profit organizations like Russell’s there are other entities that need focus groups and focus group transcription. These include:

• Training companies
• Universities
• Marketing consulting firms
• Research based organizations
• Conference call service providers
• Market Research companies
• Local bodies

Schools also use focus groups for providing support to students who have troubles and also to assess the credibility and preference of various educational reforms and strategies. Often, focus groups are used as an individual method of research or along with other research methods such as surveys, interviews and observations. University students get the data required for their dissertation research by interviewing people. Transcription service for focus group interview dissertation is useful for university students and helps them maintain clear and concise transcripts of the focus group interviews they conduct for research and reference purposes.

Why Outsourcing to a Professional Transcription Company Is Advantageous

Professionalism is important in transcription because only professional transcriptionists can ensure accuracy and superior quality for the transcripts. When focus group transcription is outsourced to a reputable external service provider, non-profit organizations like Jack Russell’s, businesses, students and a host of other entities get to enjoy many benefits.

• Affordable pricing; special discounts are available to students
• Security ensured for file transfer
• Three levels of quality checking
• Complete document flow management
• Customized turnaround time
• Dedicated transcription team for each client

Research the service provider very well before availing of their focus group transcription services. Find an outsourcing firm that is known for providing reliable and accurate transcription service.

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