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Importance of Online Transcription in the Legal Industry

Professional online transcription services help legal professionals manage their documentation tasks efficiently.

Attorneys, lawyers and paralegals work in an environment where they require a lot of documentation. When the legal reports are in audio form, they need to be accurately transcribed for easy reference. Doing transcription in–house can be time and resource consuming. That’s why legal professionals choose to outsource their documentation tasks to reliable and professional online legal transcription service providers.

Online transcription is the process of transcribing and delivering digital and non-digital audio and video files via the Internet. Legal files in various formats are converted into the required text formats by a legal transcription firm and sent safely to the client through the Internet.

Core Legal Areas That Can Benefit from Online Transcription Services

All legal areas need the service of dedicated transcriptionists. Let us consider three of the hot practice areas at present and see how legal practitioners can improve efficiency and productivity with the help of dedicated outsourced transcription services. The significant thing is that a professional transcription company will have transcriptionists trained in each legal area to provide dedicated and focused transcription service.

Healthcare Law – Those who practice health and healthcare law handle cases related to healthcare services and benefits such as issues with patients’ rights (access to care, confidentiality of medical records), Medicare, Medicaid and other health insurance benefits. Healthcare attorneys assist in negotiating payments with healthcare providers and gaining compensation in the case of medical benefits denial. Legal transcriptionists who serve practitioners in this field are thorough with related terminology such as community rating, pre-existing condition, co-pays, creditable coverage, deductible and so on. Timing is extremely crucial for these types of cases (for instance RAC appeals and claim denials). With the help of internet-based transcription services, healthcare lawyers can access the required transcripts within their customized turnaround time.

Intellectual Property Law – Intellectual property lawyers help authors, musicians, publishers, writers and inventors file copyright applications and prosecute copyright related issues such as licensing and copyright infringements in federal court. Legal transcriptionists for intellectual property lawyers will be well-versed in related legal terminology such as transfer of copyright ownership, trademark infringement, tangible property and so on. Online transcription is definitely advantageous to lawyers due to its speed and efficiency.

Labor and Employment Law – Labor and employment lawyers handle labor-related disputes, discrimination (ADA, ERISA, family leave), wrongful termination, insurance claims and other issues related to employers and their workers. This is a dynamic practice area with the continuous increase in the number of whistleblower and wage-and-hour suits. The various new developments in state and federal employment law are likely to increase the tug of war between employees and employers, which in turn will keep labor and employment lawyers extremely busy. They can surely reduce the documentation workload with efficient legal transcription services.

Benefits Offered by a Reliable Internet-based Legal Transcription Company

Accurate and updated legal reports – Legal professionals deal with different types of legal files or information on a regular basis. Carrying out transcription tasks on a timely basis helps to reduce the overall workload. Online transcription services from a professional company will give legal entities more time to concentrate on core business activities. These companies will ensure that all legal reports and documents are updated and well-maintained.
Quality assurance – Choosing a reputable online transcription firm ensures top quality services. As part of this, a 3-level quality checking process is done to provide 99% accuracy. The quality checking is done by experienced editors, proofreaders and legal analysts.
Cost factor – Legal professionals always search for transcription firms that offer quality-based and accurate results at convenient pricing. A reputable online documentation expert can ensure their clients cost savings of 30–40%.
Round-the-clock service – Reliable online transcription service providers ensure 24/7 customer service. This helps to reduce file backlog in legal firms.
Save infrastructure investment – By signing up for an online transcription service, you can save additional infrastructure investment expenses related to hiring and training additional office staff.

The final delivery of legal transcripts is done on time through FTP and browser-based 256 bit AES encryption protocol so that the confidentiality of the legal documents can be maintained. A professional online transcription firm can provide both verbatim and non-verbatim transcripts that capture all the essential points and arguments of a case in an easy-to-read format.

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